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The Inner&Outer Ministries
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The INNER & OUTER Ministries
Quarterly E-zine
January 2002
Vol. I


Welcome and Happy New Year! My name is Rev. Omar Khayyam Yeldell and I am the founder of The Inner & Outer Ministries. I decided to add on a quarterly newsletter to my ministry in order to offer spiritual information to an even larger audience than the physical ministry may reach.

Let's begin in prayer...

May these pages of enlightenment move you toward greater understanding and spiritual awareness.

May peace settle upon your Soul with the grace of Spirit

May your mind open to receive the blessings of
no-thing-ness, as silence enters

May your heart embrace the sentiments and security provided by honesty and integrity

May the wisdom of All find an emptiness to fill and a pliable Will

May Light and Love lead the Way..
I would like to thank William Meegan for entrusting me with his awesome work...his willingness to share it is definitely appreciated. To David Davis, for providing the perfect balance for our readers...and for sharing his profound insights. To John Bailey for sharing my vision...and Be-ing an awesome role model for me.
To Mr. BHive for his enlightening work..and valuable wisdom.
And lastly but not least, you, the reader and is you whom we serve.


Your servant,
Rev. Omar Khayyam Yeldell

SCRIPTUAL BREAKTHROUGH by Rev. Omar Khayyam Yeldell

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"And the Lord God said,
'The man has now become
like one of us, knowing
good and evil. He must
not be allowed to reach
out his hand and take
also from the Tree of
Life and eat, and live
forever." -Gen.3:21-22

Tree Of Life

" While they were eating,
Jesus took bread, gave
thanks and broke it, and
gave it to his disciples,
saying 'Take it; this is
my body.' Then he took
the cup, gave thanks and
offered it to them, and
they all drank from it.
'This is my blood of the
covenant, which is poured
out for many..."
-Mark 14:22-24

Bread And Wine-Body and Blood


" Human existence is not merely the space in which symbols and sacraments appear, and not merely the material with which they clothe themselves. The real existence of a human person can itself be symbol, itself be sacrament."

- The Origen and Meaning of Hasidism by Martin Buber

Lao Tzu (trans D C Lau)

The Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu-Father of Taoism


The way that can be spoken of
Is not the constant way;
The name that can be named
Is not the constant name.
The nameless was the beginning of heaven and earth;
The named was the mother of the myriad creatures.
Hence always rid yourself of desires in order to observe its secrets;
But always allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations.
These two are the same
But diverge in name as they are called mysteries,
Mystery upon mystery-
The gateway of the manifold secrets.


I do my utmost to attain emptiness;
I hold firmly to stillness.
The myriad creatures all rise together
And I watch their return.
The teaming creatures
All return to their seperate roots.
Returning to one's roots is known as stillness.
This is what is meant by returning to one's destiny.
Returning to one's destiny is known as the constant.
Knowledge of the constant is known as discernment.
Woe to him who wilfully innovates
While ignorant of the constant,
But should one act from knowledge of the constant
One's action will lead to impartiality,
Impartiality to kingliness,
Kingliness to heaven,
Heaven to the way,
The way to perpetuity,
And to the end of one's days one will meet with no danger.


When the best student hears about the way
He practices it assiduously;
When the average student hears about the way
It seems to him one moment there and gone the next;
When the worst student hears about the way
He laughs out loud.
If he did not laugh
It would be unworthy of being the way.
Hence the Chien yen has it:
The way that is bright seems dull;
The way that leads forward seems to lead backward;
The way that is even seems rough.
The highest virtue is like the valley;
The sheerest whiteness seems sullied;
Ample virtue seems defective;
Vigorous virtue seems indolent;
Plain virtue seems soiled;
The great square has no corners.
The great vessel takes long to complete;
The great note is rarefied in sound;
The great image has no shape.
The way conceals itself in being nameless.
It is the way alone that excels in bestowing and in accomplishing.

Featured Mystery For This Quarter:

THE DIVINE MOTHER AND THE VEIL OF DEATH: The Mysteries of Eleusis by Sanderson Beck

The Ecole Initiative: Eleusinian Mysteries

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the secrets and mysteries of Genesis
by William John Meegan

Nativity Scene by Raphael



To know definitively the exact moment of Christ's birth on Earth is to know the deepest and the most mysterious secrets and mysteries of Christianity. Many have, over the millennia, tried to answer this question to no avail. In fact they have confused the issue to the point of creating their own Gordian's Knot on this subject matter. Most noted of these are Raymond E. Brown's "THE BIRTH OF THE MESSIAH", and the "THE BIRTH OF CHRIST" by Liddon & Orr. There are literally hundreds of volumes and papers dealing with just this subject, as their thesis, that has come out before and after these above named references. None of them in anyway clarifies the issue to anyone's satisfaction. Below I will offer just one more argument as to the exact moment of Christ's Birth. In fact I believe the birth of Christ to be the central issue in Christianity because unless it is understood nothing else can be truly grasp concerning our religious beliefs. I must warn the reader that their are facts and evidence below that will seemingly have nothing to do with Christianity that will be called to bare witness on this issue. I will not take up pass arguments and disparage their authors. This argument below will shine a new light on the errors of previous efforts without referring to anyone in particular.
I have included a number of diagrams with this text that will illustrate the many points presented. It is best to go over each and every one to obtain a sense of what each is saying in relationship to the overall theme. I found them to be invaluable for me personally because they focus my thoughts and attention on the present issue and each, in its own way, prevented my mind from wandering into extraneous matters. I tend to learn more by diagrams of concepts thought out. Though I can hold a conceptual train of thought I found that diagrams of concepts tend to tell us more then the initial diagram that was created. This is one of the beautiful and mystical nuances about our world.

The above Nativity scene was painted by Raphael.

1st) The Birth of John the Baptist

No one has ever disputed the birth of John the Baptist that is known to have taken place on June 24th. In fact the Masonic Order has taken this date as their anniversary date. I will not go into the evidence that the Masons have, and keep a deep secret, that deals with our subject. That is a quagmire and conspiracy theory within itself. It is a bit unnerving to see the evidence of what the Masonic Order has done in the past and is still doing in modern times in their efforts to spread this esoteric system into the world.

The Birth Of Christ..continued in its entirety

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by David H. Davis


What is our real relationship to scripture?
Do we revere it? Meditate on it?
Read it again and again, seeking an ever- deepening meaning? Do we write it? Do we change it?
Do we pass it along?

I hope to be addressing this to the true initiates who walk upon this earth. Are we not the monks who carefully copied the Bible over and over before Gutenburg created his press? Did we not repeat stories, heard by ear, and then passed on by mouth?
Are we not the ones who sat in holy Councils, deciding which books to keep or remove from the New Testament?
Did we not help key the Old Testament, and place within it the secrets of creation? Do we now seek the things that we ourselves have hidden from the masses?

If so, and I believe that this is whom I am addressing, then let us become conscious of our works. Let us honestly look and see the results of our labors.

Can we find the mistakes? Can we see how truth has been misunderstood and used for control? Have we kept the truth too secret? How many false beliefs are substantiated by the Holy Scripture? Slavery and segregation have been based on Biblical passages. How many have used the Holy Words to subjugate women or to justify a war? As words are translated and copied over, our own limitations of understanding have veiled the truth, from ourselves and others. Times change, as do meanings and understandings. Look around at this planet that we have come to. See how scripture has been used and misused. Look at the effects of our actions.

This confusion manifests much less when working with Eastern Scripture, such as the Vedas or Upanishads. Even the Bhagavad Gita has changed little through the ages. In the East, the truth was given out unveiled. In the West, the Church kept the teachings hidden in Latin, and veiled to the masses. Even recently the Church has frowned on reading the Bible on ones own.

The idea was to keep the power from the masses so that they didnt mess their lives up even more. The problem is, people already have the power to create, as it has been given by the Creator, to all. What was kept back were the instructions. Religion used the peoples own power against them. Fear was used to motivate action and belief. At times, the faithful have been tortured in an attempt to change their hearts and minds.

We know these things. We have seen the negative effects of religion and the misunderstandings of Scripture.
Do we take responsibility for this? Have we not contributed to this mess? If we are responsible, then we know that we can change it. We can do it better next time.
If we think that this has nothing to do with us, we can do nothing. Lets learn from our mistakes. Lets grow.

What is Scripture? The root of the word is script. Is not all the world a stage? This is the script for our cosmic play. It tells a story. The story begins with the creation of the Universe. It speaks of the race of man, descendents of Adam and Eve. It tells of an idyllic garden, where all is in harmony. It tells how we cast ourselves out into the illusion of the senses. It tells of a fall and of a final lifting up. It gives us a script to play. We dont have to play it, though. We no longer need the limitations of its structure. There are many out there looking forward to an Armageddon even they dont understand it. They see the great battle between good and evil as taking place outside of themselves.

The Muslim extremists see Jihad, Holy War, also taking place in the world arena. They know not that scripture speaks of an inner reality. They know not that these are inner wars. If we are aware of any New-Age teachings, we must realize that we are the ones that write the scripts for our lives. We write our personal scriptures.
But what of Holy Scriptures? These are the scripts that come from Self, written directly by the Divine within. This is the only Scripture that we need to follow.
When we pick up the Bible, do we know what words actually came from God? We can analyze it, meditate upon it, and pray about it. Or we can go to the source.

Instead of using all our energy and consciousness trying to unlock the mysteries, why not go where the mysteries are still unlocked? Lets get to the place that the writers of the scriptures got to. Did they not hear the Word of God themselves? Were they not Divinely Inspired? Should this not be our goal?

If Scripture comes between you and God, go beyond the scripture. There comes a time when we must go beyond all words, beyond all thoughts. The Holy Scripture is the living word within you. The Bible on our desk is just a reflection. It is the Living Word within that is the source of our life. It is the Living Word that heals the sick and raises the dead, not a book. This is the true source of our script. This is our true Holy Scripture.

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