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Birth Of Christ: The Secrets and Mysteries of Genesis
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Kabbalistic Tree Of Life 2

12 Signs Of Zodiac

I use these diagrams to show the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the Star of David creation from it. In both cases these very same designs are found in the First Chapter of Genesis. A study of point 60th above (32 Elohyms) with this 61st will show that it is precisely the same design.

62nd) The Star of David in Genesis & the Matrix

When such an analysis is made it is realized that the Star of David in Genesis is created by three sets of the single letters known as elementals (colored yellow) are 180 degrees from each other. When a line is drawn to match up these three pairs it becomes obvious it is the Star of David. Yet, each of these six positions is equidistant from each other so much so that it follows the exact pattern as outlined in the Universal Mathematical Matrix.

(I placed a blank circle of 32-Elohyms above in #61 so that those that wanted to analyze the circle for themselves can make copies and do so (see positions: "#1 & #17, #6 & #22, #12 & #28" in the 32-Elohyms for the Star of David). Notice the amount of Elohyms not used between these above mentioned positions: 4-5-4-4-5-4. Now see the Universal Mathematical Matrix where the #4s & #5s not used in the circle of 4s & 5s. These 4s & 5s have this same pattern of not used parts: 4-5-4-4-5-4. This implies "Squaring the Circle".)

63rd) The Kabbalistic Tree of Life in Genesis and the Matrix

We also find by a study of the matrix that the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the Star of David are positioned in Genesis in the precise same manner. There is no variation demonstrating that the matrix was used in constructing the First Chapter of Genesis.

What is also important is that the basic pattern for the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is found in placing the 10-parts of the Genesis Formulae in a circle. This archetypal pattern is perfectly outlined in the entire First Chapter of Genesis. (see below diagram).

The Genesis Formulae Charted

Tree Of Life Charted

It is extraordinarily interesting that there is a legend that Ketter (crown) being the first Sefirah of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life was at the beginning of Genesis. When I took the 10-letters of the Genesis Formulae and produce a graphic (from Microsoft Excel program) it created a picture of a CROWN. (see enclosed diagram). This is an extraordinary conformation of ancient tradition.

Genesis Graph

64th) The Cycle of Darkness

My first real discovery in Genesis Chapter One came when I realized that it was written in a circle of 12 parts. It took me 18-months to discover this cycle after my initial realization that it was written in a circle of nine points.

It made no sense, to me when I first started to study the sacred scriptures, that the prologue of Genesis is where it is. If the beginning started with the 1st Day what was the need for the first two verses? When I realized that the word "bara" meant 'separate' rather than creating something out of nothing I hypothesize that the 1st verse of Genesis represent the 8th Day of Creation (as in circumcision) and that the 2nd verse of Genesis represented the 9th Day (Jesus died on the ninth hour). This 2nd verse of Genesis was so bleak it reminded me of Christ giving up the ghost (Spirit of Elohym hovering over the waters [of Jerusalem]). This gave me a cycle of 9-parts. This is because the 7th Day is outside of the First Chapter of Genesis.

Eventually I realized that the first 3-Days of Creation had actually dual parts. The 1st Day represented Light (1) and the Darkness (10), the 2nd Day represented the Heavens (2) and the Firmament (11), and the 3rd Day represented the Earth (3) and Elohym (12 = 12 signs: gods). [A word is never to be given a different number once one is allocated one. This means the same word, in all 1584 cycles, will retain its numerical value no matter what. This is diehard rule except in special case like the word "waters". Read the 2nd Day in relationship to the 2nd verse of Genesis. The reason becomes obvious.]

This produced a complex mathematical problem:


How does one complete the circle?

(see below diagram)

The Cycle Of Darkness

The First Chapter Of Genesis

Inserting the first two verses of Genesis into this paper will give the reader a better understanding on just how detail I research the text of the first chapter of Genesis.

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Birth Of Christ: The Secrets and Mysteries of Genesis